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Our service was established in 1980.

Vision: Bathurst Seymour Centre Inc. (BSC) aims to enable people in the Bathurst Region to live independently and participate in community life.

Purpose: To realise this vision, BSC provides a range of centre-based day care, social support and respite, designed to enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of people who are frail aged, people with dementia and people with disabilities, and to provide support for their carers.  BSC’s services promote opportunities for social interaction and participation in a broad range of stimulating activities.  


BSC is committed to:

  • the right of people to make choices in their lives;
  • the right of people to dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality;
  • the right of people to be valued as individuals;
  • the right of people to access services on a non-discriminatory and culturally appropriate basis;
  • the right of carers to feel recognised and supported in their caring role;
  • the right of the community to accountable, responsive and safe services;
  • environmental sustainability through the efficient use of resources;
  • recognising and valuing our workforce;
  • the provision of a learning environment; and
  • professional and ethical conduct.

Bathurst Seymour Centre Incorporated is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the National Respite for Carers Program and the Department of Human Services NSW (Ageing, Disability and Home Care). Bathurst Regional Council also make an annual donation to our service.