Bathurst Seymour Centre is an exciting and caring organisation, focusing on enhancing the lives of our community members. You don’t need any experience to become a volunteer at Bathurst Seymour Centre, just enthusiasm and a desire to give something back to our community. Volunteering even a small amount of time, talent and energy can have an enormous and direct impact on the lives of others.

When you volunteer with Bathurst Seymour Centre, the first thing you receive is a warm and friendly welcome.

Make a difference

Would you like to make a difference in your community while having the opportunity to socialise and make new friends. Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community and you’ll feel appreciated when you contribute to your community.

Volunteering at BSC will help to give you a sense of achievement and have the opportunity for personal growth and wellbeing. You’ll be working with a diverse range of people as a team while learning new skills or about interesting topics.

Get a good feeling

Apply your skills

First we talk with you to see what skills you have and what you would like to do, then introduce you to staff, clients and other volunteers Then you’ll be organised with a job description and proper equipment to get started right away.

Arts and crafts activities

Centre based group activities

Activities in the community

Indoor and outdoor events

Transport and excursions

We simply couldn’t manage without our dedicated team of more than 40 volunteers.These local people bring a vast array of life experiences and their passion in supporting older people, people with disability and their carers to live a good life.

Bathurst Seymour Centre has a wide range of volunteer opportunities available for dedicated and passionate people to give back to their community. Our valued volunteers are truly members of the Bathurst Seymour Centre team and make a wonderful contribution to supporting those in need in aged care, disability services, and carer support.

Give yourself some new experiences that can even help to improve your career opportunities. We are always looking for people to join our volunteer team.

If you would like to volunteer in any of Bathurst Seymour Centre’s services or programs, then please take a moment to look at our Volunteer Information Pack or call us today on 02 63321449

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